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Principal's Message to Parents:

"Pushing Forward with Panther Pride"

An Invitation to Work Together


Dear Vick Elementary Community,


We know how much we all value the education of every child, and this is why we must set high expectations for each student enrolled at Vick elementary this year. Every staff member understands that his or her role exists to support a positive learning environment for all the children.  That environment is one that is safe, where teaching is focused on student learning and where respect for others is a practice necessary to achieve the learning goals for all students.  


I ask that you as parents keep in mind that your are the first teacher of your child.  Your involvement, positive support, and interaction with the staff is essential to building your child's future.  The key question is "What is your child's dream?"  We believe that your child can be anything that he or she chooses.  Dreams, with hard work, can be a reality.  The work starts here- and now.  


Students are first at Vick.  And since this is what we believe, then I invite you to join us in our pledge that together we instill Panther Pride for learning by working together at Vick.  




Mrs. P. Walthall, Principal

Visit our website:, click on "Schools" and select "Vick."  Blackboard announcements-weekly.